The main advantage of acme lead screws over other styles is that the trapezoidal thread profile is much easier to manufacture, resulting in substantial cost savings. If the application doesn’t call for the high efficiency offered by ball screws, acme lead screws provide an appropriate, much cheaper alternative. Additionally, the larger thread contact area provides two distinct advantages. First, the load capacity is much higher. Second, the higher friction helps prevent back-driving. This makes them ideal for vertically raising and suspending heavy loads, like in-car jacks and lifts.

Our team can cut gears ups to 7 feet in diameter acme lead screws up to 6” x any length. The nuts come in several different materials and styles, including anti-backlash, ensuring that every linear motion application can be fitted with the just-right parts. All H&E Gear Co. acme lead screws are made of high-quality stainless steel and offer excellent corrosion resistance.